Hiriko Kaijitsu

Ameiko's younger sister, a rebellious young girl with an unslakeable thirst for adventure and a soft spot for monsters


Magical Equipment
Dancing Wasp: +1 Kusarigama, can summon a giant wasp for 5 rounds per day.
Amulet of Mighty Fists: +1


Hiriko is the youngest of the four Kaijitsu children and in her lifetime has seen the death of there brother Suto, her father Lonjiko and her mother (who’s name I don’t recall). Hiriko spent most of her life attached to her sister, the only person who seemed to put up with her brash behavior and ha along envied the adventuring life that Ameiko enjoyed, if only for a short period. Despite the dangers she knows to come with adventuring, she experienced a goblin raid and a giant attack over the span of two years, Hiriko still wants to adopt the adventuring life and now that she is of age there is nothing Ameiko can do to stop her. Hiriko’s pursuit of adventure has led to the discovery that the Kaijitsu family holds many secrets and this realization has only fueled the fires of adventure in Hiriko’s heart, she will stop at nothing to uncover the mystery surrounding her family’s past and is absolutely ecstatic about the fact that she has stumbled upon the greatest adventure she could have possibly hoped for. Setting out with her close friends and companions Hiriko hopes to see the world, make new friends, and enjoy all life has to offer.

Hiriko Kaijitsu

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