Shalelu Andosana

Shalelu is older than the town of Sandpoint, yet she’s come to think of it as her hometown—a town that has finally grown up enough to survive on its own without her watching over it from the wild.


Although Shalelu Andosana is something of a mystery in Sandpoint, she’s certainly one of the town’s most admired defenders. Like Sandru Vhiski, she doesn’t actually live in town, but she sometimes spends the night at the Rusty Dragon free of charge, thanks to her friendship with Ameiko Kaijitsu. Everyone in town knows that Shalelu is something of a loner and prefers to spend her time wandering and exploring the wilderness around Sandpoint. She periodically vanishes from the region for weeks or even months at a time to visit friends elsewhere in Varisia, but she never fails to return to Sandpoint. No one quite understands why she keeps coming back. When asked why, she merely says, “Someone’s got to keep an eye on you all.” Her reports of goblin activity have helped save folk from ambushes or warned the militia of possible attacks on the town or its farmlands numerous times. Yet in recent days, Sheriff Hemlock has taken a more active role in watching over the surrounding land. His militia is better trained than ever before, and Shalelu’s aid in keeping an eye on the hinterlands is growing less and less necessary. She actually seems relatively pleased with this, as if she’s proud that Sandpoint is finally starting to look after itself. She’s even hinted that she’s thinking of taking a long journey away from town sometime in the future, but when pressed for details, she just shrugs and changes the topic.

Known Preferred Gifts:

  • archery equipment (particularly magic equipment)
  • survivalist gear and equipment




Unknown Gifts:
nature-themed works of art

Hated Insults:
anti-elf jokes (ear length)
implications that she is frigid or incapable of love
pro-goblin comments

Romance Score: 35

Shalelu Andosana

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