What was discovered while exploring the surrounding village:

A naturally deep harbor has formed where the waters of the Steam River flow into Bunyip Bay
to the west. Two ruined piers extend into the only relatively shallow portion of the harbor here, and once served all of Brinewall as moorings for visiting ships. While both piers are now mostly collapsed, the westernmost one has what appears to be a relatively recent visitor: a Linnorm Kingdoms longship is tied to the pier. The longship seems relatively new, but the vessel is partially destroyed and half-sunken.

-Ruined buildings
Among the ruined buildings that once composed Brinewall Village, the PCs can find barracks, a smithy, several homes, a glassworks (with several architectural designs similar to those of the larger glassworks in Sandpoint owned by Ameiko Kaijitsu), a trading post, and a stable. The two largest ruins are located in the eastern part of town, and consist of a town hall to the north and an almost completely collapsed temple of Desna to the south, near the entrance to the cemetery.

Once used mostly for fishing, this algae-choked lagoon is only 10 feet deep at its deepest
point. On the lagoon’s northwestern shore, the rotting carcass of a sea drake lies half submerged in the water. Larger than a horse, this bright green aquatic reptile has finned, winglike arms and a draconic visage—no Heal check is necessary to determine it was slain by several violent strikes with an edged weapon.

This clearing consists of a low hill containing nearly two dozen graves. A stone crypt sits atop the hill to the east. The entire graveyard is unusually well tended—the grass appears to be weeded and the gravestones are quite clean. The crypt contains only one body, that of Admiral Mercatio Kiameleu, Brinewall’s founder. What appears to be a gravestone set apart from
the rest of the graves near the northern edge of thecemetery is in fact a small, well-tended shrine to Desna that consists of a marble statue of the deity holding aloft
a small copper bowl.

This stone lighthouse is now little more than an empty shell after its roof caved in many years ago.


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